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The Wish
(aka, The Card Dealer or The Fortune Teller) By Theodore von Holst, 1840.

The artist Theodore von Holst created the painting named The Wish in 1840, which by Spell Space, Inc. uses in the background of our entire site. This depicts a beautiful and mysterious fortune teller laying out tarot cards. The original art is oil on canvas and measures 90-by-71cm and is currently held in private collection. More information about the artist and the painting can be found at Nines, a federation of peer-reviewed resources, citation records, and innovative research tools, made freely available to students and scholars of 19th-century culture. The Romantic Art of Theodore von Holst 1810-44 is a beautiful book about the artist.

Old Path Tarot by Spell Space, Inc. uses the The Old Path Tarot cards for our readings.'s fortune teller has been using the Old Path Tarot cards for many years and in order to keep the potent connection and karma between herself and the cards, she chose to use this beautiful deck on the site. The original cards were scanned and loaded into the web site to maintain authenticity and power. Interested parties may purchase Old Path Tarot decks at our store. AGMüller, of Switzerland is the holder of the copyright of the Old Path Tarot deck.

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