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Memberships are not renewed automatically. We will send a reminder 30 days and 7 days prior to your expiration.  PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 1 BUSINESS DAY for activation. An email will be sent with activation confirmation. Here are premium member benefits:

  • Saved 5 daily readings 
  • Move to first on Insight banner on all pages for advice
  • Sort Insights and Guides to find your favorites 
  • See Chart Trends for all saved readings from now until the end of time
  • Get Spell Trend recommendations for short, medium and longterm outlooks
  • Make Chart Private: Hide Trend and all saved Reading Insights
  • Make Portrait Private: Hide Personal Insights to create a Diary 
  • Exclusive store discounts and promotions 
  • Full search for Guides and Insight 
  • Feature a specific Reading on your Portrait for immediate advice and Insight 
  • New Features Coming Soon! New features will be added automatically to your membership as they appear in Spellspace

By purchasing Premium Membership you agree to the Membership Agreement.

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